What could be better than having one of the most experienced document formatters in the industry on tap to support your bid?

Having both of them!

Kay Jones and Andrea Collier have joined forces at Checkpoint, to provide unparalleled bid formatting experience and Word expertise, creating a team of experts dedicated to helping you produce high quality, consistent bid documentation.

Each with over 15 years experience, supporting and coordinating large bids across multiple industry sectors (including civil engineering and infrastructure, rail franchises and transport, and defence), they provide a cornerstone of bid production support, in this high pressure environment.

So, whether you need:

  • one off support for a specific bid
  • ongoing support, as required
  • improvement or development of templates
  • training for your writers on how to use templates properly
  • or just some advice on how to use Word more effectively and improve your documentation processes

We can help you out.

Just contact Andrea, either via LinkedIn, or the Checkpoint website and she’ll be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

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